Project’s Description

The project has the objective of verifying and demonstrating a sustainable technical alternative to urban mobility, using alternative fuels to the traditional ones: hydrogen from renewable sources.
The proposed methodology foresees the preparation and development of a hydrogenmethane-fuelled city bus using a methane-fuelled bus.


Technical Objectives:

- Objective 1: attesting and verifying the feasibility of hydrogen-methane fuel on small public transport vehicles, in urban and extra-urban areas with a high degree of orographic complexity.

- Objective 2: preparing and developing a demonstrator, consisting of a public transport vehicle provided with an hydrogen-methane fuel kit.

Strategic and Political objectives:

- Cleaner transport for a good quality air – To deliver and evaluate improvements in the efficiency and environmental performance of the mobility system.

- Innovation – To progressively create a local public transport fleet made up of ecocompatible vehicles and supporting researches, meetings and agreements with other local authorities

- Integration – To ensure the added value of each implemented activity through an integrated approach of the relevant city actors (policy makers, transport agencies, and the citizens) so to predict the potential impacts of implementing similar measures elsewhere in Europe.

- European policy relevance – To ensure that the project findings and outputs are applicable to the European strategies and policies for sustainable urban mobility directly applicable to the needs and priorities of transport policy makers.

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