Demonstration Character

The project has a demonstration nature. Indeed, its key objective is to demonstrate that the use of hydrogen as a fuel may be introduced and applied by using the available technologies.

The experimentation on the vehicles will provide the necessary documentation to support those agencies and enterprises interested in adopting the proposed solution. Besides that, the project will provide to the transport vehicle manufacture companies with an optimized and tested vehicle using the hydrogen-methane fuel for the industrialization of the propulsion system.

Keeping in mind the actions described later and the project objective, the main technical items are:

The optimization of the fuelling and mixing system of hydrogen and methane;

Stoichiometric optimization of the combustion process through the corrections of the ECU parameters;

Optimization of the electronic, mechanical and structural implementations for the fuel tank location;

Road efficiency analysis tests;

Evaluation of the hydrogen storage modalities and refueling time schedule;

Cost efficacy analysis for the on-site production from renewable sources.

The vehicle, will be called “demonstrator” during the project implementation and will be revised in order to:

1. Get the maximum performance of the hydro-methane combustion system;

2. Monitor all the processes necessary for a complete evaluation of the system.

Both requirements will be satisfied through technologies already in use in the market, provided by Testing and calibration laboratory and National Accreditation Bodies.

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