THE first H2power poster

  • h2power-hydrogen-manifesto-primo

Since this week going around Perugia’s roads, at the bus stops of Umbria Mobilità, it’s possible to see the placard that allow inhabitants know the commitment of the City and the other Partners of the Project “H2power”, for a better future through the sustainable mobility.

The Municipality, thanks to the co-funding of the European Project “LIFE PLUS”, is the leader of the Project with Umbria Mobilità, Egenera S.r.l. I&TC and Tamat ONG. It entails the creation of a bus that work with a mixture of hydrogen-methane fuel, that allow a sensible reduction of the pollutant emissions deriving from the public transport.

Students of the Institute “IPSIA Cavour-Marconi” of Perugia, in particular some girls of the classroom 5° A (course Fashion), through an internship at Tamat and I&TC, have collaborated to the realization of the placard that in these days has been put on the bus stops of the city. This is the first of a series of placards that through a comic-strip story is going to wise us to the development of the project, so we will be able to enter in the future of H2POWER.

“Future doesn’t pollute” is the slogan that defines the informative campaign thought by H2POWER Project’s team, in order to highlight that if new ways to face the transportation problems are searched, they could be found and realized also within the boundaries of our Region.

The aim of “H2Power” Project is to reduce drastically any value of pollutant exhaust emissions till a negligible level, in order to obey to the Kyoto Protocol’s obligations concerning the eliminations of CO2. The collaboration among the Project’s partners and the Engineering Faculty of the University of Perugia, will allow to imagine a future with a very low sustainable impact.


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