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On 18th of october it took place at the “Sala Rossa” of the Palazzo dei Priori, the press conference of presentation of the project H2POWER Workshop to be held on 24 of October at Villa Umbra for the official presentation of the final data obtained from the comparative experimentation between laboratory tests and those obtained on urban route.

At the press conference attended by local press and TV participated: the comunseillor for transport and mobility of the Municipality of Perugia, partner and project leader dr. Roberto Ciccone; The counseilor of transport of the Province of Perugia, Luciano Della Vecchia; Eng. Stefania Di serio Umbria Mobilità; Eng. Raffaele Confidati, company Egenera Srl and the scientific coordinator of the project engineer Renato Burri.

The speakers stressed the importance of the obtained data, anticipating a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and a decrease in fuel economy. “We anticipate” said the engineer Confidati, “a reduction of pollutant gases by more than 30%, and by more than 15% savings in fuel, but the precise data will be shown and discussed durig the workshop of 24 as required by the scientific practice.”

The conference goes to corroborate the validity of the submitted project, the important synergy with the engineering department of Perugia, the professionalism of the companies that took part, and the expertise of the scientific coordination. The potential that emerges from the feasibility of an operation of conversion to means fuelled with hydro-methane in public transport may be an initiative to save money and reduce air pollution in cities.

The project has been implemented in some phases through the listed points and displayed in the Project Portal:

The office of reference of the project RSO is operating  to release all the information needed to transfer the knowledge gained.

The conference ended with a Town Hall Meeting on the possibilities of acommon pplying over means of local transport.


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