Official presentation of H2power project

January 31, 2010 (Perugia, Italy). The press conference for the presentation of the project H2POWER, co-financed by the European Union in the field of the programme LIFE +, was held in the setting of Palazzo dei Priori. Nowadays the principal coordinator, as leader, is the Municipality of Perugia, while other participants are Umbria Mobilità Spa, Egenera srl, I&TC srl and Tamat NGO. This is a highly innovative project, which means at the same time, environmental protection and economic development.

H2POWER aims to prove a technically feasible alternative to urban transport that uses conventional fuels: that of hydrogen in fuel gas produced from renewable sources. The proposed methodology involves the construction of a demonstrator bus, set up for driving on a urban route, fed with a mixture of hydrogen + methane (hydro-methane). The experimentation is proposed as an indicator both for companies that are urban public transport-oriented, and those with internal fleets and those with means of public utilities. Moreover the project is characterized by urban tests in routes with heavy tracks, such as those of the town of Perugia. Afterwards the technologies developed by the project could be easily transferred to other European countries with similar problems and orography.

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