• Reducing CO2 emissions from vans

    Reducing CO2 emissions from vans Within the framework of activities undertaken by the European Commission aimed at a containment of CO2 emissions, the main variable of climatic changes on the planet, new rules have been introduced in the Community’s legislation with the purpose of regulating the amounts of carbon generated by fleets of vehicles currently […]

  • Reducing CO2 emissions

    Reducing CO2 emissions Lettera aperta alle Istituzioni Nazionali Nel recente Assessment Report 5 dell’United Nations Scientific Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), la Commissione Europea nel quadro delle attività intraprese per contenere le emissioni di CO2, variabile principale delle modificazioni climatiche del pianeta, ha emanato nuove normative nella legislazione comunitaria atte a regolamentare le quantità di […]

  • Tech_film_report

    We highlight a few moments of the experimental work of the project H2POWER. Photographs and films made ​​by staff Ecomont, edited by  I&TC Srl H2Power – —– ReporTech A :  Preparation room control and monitoring of the engine test bench – Organization test bench room – setting-up  console for control engine – calibration of measuring  instruments emission.   […]


    Hydrogen European Network Stakehoder Partnership Allied Industries and University New Jobs for today and tomorrow                                                                                 […]

  • H2 Europe Network

    Hydrogen European Network Stakehoder Partnership Allied Industries and University New Jobs for today and tomorrow                                                                                 […]

  • University Training

    On 9th of  May  H2POWER training took place at the University of Perugia. It was focused on technological innovations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The session of the lessons took place from 9.00 to 13.30 and is divided into: Greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts on the territory (R. Burri – Coord. and I&TC  Srl) The […]

  • info@Hydrogen

    info@Hydrogen   The use of hydrogen even in percentages around 7-35% is enough to increment the combustion efficiency in a traditional endothermic engine by reducing the total fuel consumption and nearly totally abating polluting emissions of Cox and HC It is a commonplace that hydrogen is dangerous, explosive, expensive to use and difficult to transport. […]

  • Training formativo “Environmental awareness”

      Il 9 maggio si è svolto presso l’Università di Perugia il training H2Power sulle innovazioni tecnologiche orientate alla riduzione dei gas serra. La sessione delle lezioni si è svolta dalle ore 9,00 alle 13,30 e si articolata in: I gas serra e gli impatti sul territorio (R. Burri – Coord. e I&TC) Il report […]