Kick Off progetto H2power

On January 18, 2011 the kick-off National Meeting about the Life+ projects 2009 was held in Rome, in the prestigious hall of Pietro da Cortona (Capitoline Museums). Representatives of the Life Unit of the General Direction Environment of the European Commission, representatives of the Italian Ministry of Environment and of the Monitoring Team Astrale-Timesis, besides the beneficiaries of the Italian projects, acknowledged in the Community Fund, invited to introduce their proposals about the Call 2009, were presents at the meeting.

The kick-off was held with the aim of providing an overview of the Community Programme LIFE+’s rules, on the interactions with the European Commission and about the role of the external monitoring.

Giulia Gasparini, representative of the Ministry of Environment, has started the works, highlighting the very positive data, for the year 2009, produced by the Life Projects presented by the Italian Beneficiaries and approved by the European Commission, with a rate of approval over the 25%. Moreover she has finally invited the present parties to submit new projects under the 2011 call. Thomas Foersch and Els De Roeck (European Commission, GD Environment – LIFE Unit) have showed the different aspects of the Common Provisions in particular those regarding the financial aspects, which govern the creation of Life projects. Then, Roberto Ghezzi and Michele Lischi (Timesis Monitoring Group) have emphasized how important is the knowledge of rules and the constant dialogue among the partners both to solve issues and for the success of a project. It was also stressed, how there must be a constant communication among the coordinating beneficiary, the European Commission and the Monitoring Group. Tiziana Nadalutti and Yael Meroz (Timesis Monitoring Group) have finally submitted all the projects of the Italian Life Call 2009 approved by the European Commission including LIFE09 ENV/IT/000216 “H2POWER, Hydrogen in Fuel Gas”.

The winning projects, which are the most innovative solutions for the management of waste and water and for the promotion policies of biodiversity, can be found by visiting the section of the LIFE + in the website of the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea (

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