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On 24th of May the workshop “Hydrogen in the sustainable mobility” took place in the Home Room of the Engineering Faculty of Perugia University. The partners of the European Research Project LIFE+ “H2Power” have organized it; in addition to many Authorities there were Science, Research and Business Representatives. During the meeting have been showed the first results obtained with the experimentation that is carrying on.
A partnership composed by the City of Perugia, Umbria Mobilità, Egenera S.r.l., Tamat ONG and I&TC Group has realized the H2Power Project, started on September 2010 with the aim of creating a demonstrator vehicle, fuelled with a hydro-methane mixture, for the public transport usage. The experimentation is going to finish on October 2013. The workshop has represented an important meeting to share technologies and the acquired experiences. Moreover it has been possible to show the situation related to the hydrogen development in Italy and Europe. There were Prof. Gianni Bidini, Engineering Faculty Principal, Mr. Roberto Ciccone, Perugia’s Mobility Town Councillor and Giovanni Moriconi, Umbria Mobility President.

The first session has began with the Project’s Technic Presentation delivered by Raffaele Confidati, Egenera Srl Sole Director, afterwards the data obtained from the research has been debated by the team of the Prof. Carlo Grimaldi, Director of the Perugia University’s Industrial Engineering Department; during this presentation it has been made a streaming connection with the Motor Room of the Faculty where Engineer Michele Battistoni and Engineer Claudio Poggiali have performed a live test.
It’s followed a technic presentation of the demonstrator vehicle by Claudio Sabini, Umbria Mobilità.
The second part has began with Mario Dragoni and his report about the Company H2Nitiodor and the present technologies for producing hydrogen from renewable energies. Giorgio Iacuzzo, Science journalist has explained the hydrogen development throughout history. Fabrizio Giamminuti, Research Centre CITERA at Sapienza University, has related the Laboratory experience on Hydro-methane. Angelo Consoli, European Circle CETRI-TIRES for the Third Industrial Revolution that refers to the J. Rifkin Foundation, and Iginio Benedetti have closed the meeting. Benedetti has related ILT Technonolgy’s experiences with hydrogen conversion on its business cars. The workshop has been moderated by Renato Burri, H2Power Project’s Scientific Coordinator.
During the morning certificates have been given to some students of the IPSIA Institute Cavour – Marconi because they have attended a training about “H2Power” Project and an internship where they have contributed to the design and drawing of the Project’s Communication represented by a comic-strip story.
Moreover this workshop has been the occasion to celebrate with the presents the Twentieth Year of the LIFE+ Programme with a presentation of its aims.
During the meeting it has been distributed some information pack and gadgets.

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