Organizational Structure

The Project Coordinator: Municipality of Perugia

– General coordination of the project

– Official representative of the project towards the European Commission and other third parties, although is not entitled to act on behalf of any other partners.

– Execution of control over the management activities; if issues cannot be solved directly, the issues should be channeled to the Project Coordinator and handled by the ExCo.


The Scientific Manager: Egenera Srl

– Coordinates the activities of all the technical actions of the project, planning of technical interventions, supervision of the technical external assistances tasks.

– Interaction with the Project Coordinator, and the ExCo components about the project work-plan, including the actions development, implementation and integration.


The Communication and Capitalization Supervisor:  Umbria Mobilità Spa

– Interaction with the Project Coordinator, and the key officers of the partnership about the key strategic issues concerning dissemination of the project actions and capitalization measures.

– Interfaces with the key partnership officer about the development of all the actions and issues dealing with dissemination, communication and capitalization and more in general with the “project identity”.

– In cooperation with the Project Coordinator, representation of the project towards the European Commission and other third parties about dissemination relevant activities.

– Responsible for the development of all the activities finalised to raise awareness and information about the project activities and the issues dealt: improvement of air quality, sustainable urban mobility, clean fuels, innovation.

Executive Committee

Executive Committee (ExCo) decisions are made about the joint activities, strategic directions, project identity, and coordination services for the co-operative activities of the participating partners. Members of the ExCo are the project coordinator, the scientific manager, the communication and Capitalization supervisor.
The ExCo is the body in charge of internal evaluation and project quality.


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