H2Power goes to school

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An other interesting part of H2POWER PROJECT is given by the interaction with Perugia’s Schools. The Teamwork has drawn up an agreement with the Professional Institute of Perugia “IPSIA Cavour-Marconi” which, for the year 2011-2012, has included it in the POF of the school. It involves few students in some phases of the project: it has stood to reason to continue the activity of collaboration that Tamat ONG had for years with IPSIA since the Institute has different courses of studies that go well with the various activities scheduled by LIFE+ Project. The School Principal Elio Boriosi and Professors of the subjects interested in the project have thought of involving the fifth classes that have in their list of courses subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, and Mechanics, that can deal with technic matters, as well as Fashion students that can deal with H2Power project’s communication activity through the realization of a campaign directed to inhabitants and some outputs such as T-shirts, stickers, etc. In this way boys and girls can develop their knowledge and competences acquired at school, adding a creative spirit peculiar of the new generations.


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