Arrived the engine from Umbria Mobilità

  • h2power-hydrogen-arrivo-motore

At last it’s possible to hear the engine’s roar! Last October the engine that is going to be assembled on the minibus Iveco Daily is arrived. The Public Transport Society Umbria Mobility that is the beneficiary partner of the project has provided the bus for the experimentation of the usage of a mixture of hydrogen and methane fuel proposed in the LIFE+ H2Power Project.

The vehicle, that afterward is going to be assembled to this particular engine, that will be conveniently modified, already moves across Umbria Mobility’s Network of Perugia and it is equipped with an eight cycle engine, with a 100% methane supply and an electronic junction box that manages the fuel injection and the gas ignition inside the cylinders.

This junction box is the heart of the project, being at the centre of the attention by designers and technicians that should make the most of exploiting the hydro-methane mixture verifying at the same time the diminution of pollutants sent out by the vehicle.


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