Collaboration with the faculty of Engineering

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At the University of the Studies of Perugia a meeting has sealed the collaboration between the Department of Industrial Engineering and the European project H2Power.

Invited at the Department by Prof. Carlo Grimaldi that is following the experimentations, assisted by Engineer Michele Battistoni, were present representatives of the five project’s partners: Engineer Leonardo Naldini (Executive and project coordinator of the O.U. Mobility of Perugia’s Municipality), Engineer Claudio Sabini (Technical operation supervisor/Technical “fuel blend” unit coordinator of Umbria Mobility), Engineer Raffaele Confidati (Sole Director of Egenera, that is the scientific partner), Doctor Pietro Tundo (Tamat and H2 Power’s Communication Officer), Doctor Ilaria Bellini (I&TC and H2 Power’s Responsible Marketing and Communications) and Engineer Renato Burri, scientific coordinator of the project.

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