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  • H2 Europe Network

    Hydrogen European Network Stakehoder Partnership Allied Industries and University New Jobs for today and tomorrow                                                                                 […]

  • info@Hydrogen

    info@Hydrogen   The use of hydrogen even in percentages around 7-35% is enough to increment the combustion efficiency in a traditional endothermic engine by reducing the total fuel consumption and nearly totally abating polluting emissions of Cox and HC It is a commonplace that hydrogen is dangerous, explosive, expensive to use and difficult to transport. […]

  • Press Conference: final data

    On 18th of october it took place at the “Sala Rossa” of the Palazzo dei Priori, the press conference of presentation of the project H2POWER Workshop to be held on 24 of October at Villa Umbra for the official presentation of the final data obtained from the comparative experimentation between laboratory tests and those obtained […]


    H2 Power in Fuel Gas In a scenario in which there are increasingly restrictive constraints on emissions and fuel consumption, and in which there is a tendency to find solutions for zero emission vehicles (ZEV – zero emissions vehicle), investigations have been carried out since a few years studying the possibilities offered by mixtures of […]