Project objectives

The H2POWER proposal is a natural prosecution of an already pro-active partnership in the

field of urban mobility. Indeed, the Municipality of Perugia and APM are working together

respectively as the project promoter and coordinator and as a project partner in the project

“RENAISSANCE – Testing Innovative Strategies for Clean Urban Transport, co-funded by the

7th Framework Programme (Grant Agreement n. TREN/FP7TR/219120/”RENAISSANCE”

Integrating Project), whose consortium is made up of 30 international partners. The project,

which will be over at the end of 2012, designs and demonstrates large-scale measures

supporting urban quality, mobility, accessibility and heritage of historic city centers. In

particular, the participating cities have to physically implement/install specific equipments and

thus run the demonstrations in specific corridors/areas/limited zones of the city in order to

make such historic/tourist sites more attractive, preserving cultural heritage and enhancing

quality of like for citizens/residents by using clean fuels/vehicles.

The project has the objective of verifying and demonstrating a sustainable technical alternative

to urban mobility, using alternative fuels to the traditional ones: hydrogen from renewable


The proposed methodology foresees the preparation and development of a hydrogenmethane-

fuelled city bus using a methane-fuelled bus.

This demonstrator is an indicator for the urban public transport agencies, for enterprises with

an internal fleet, for public utilities vehicles, for city mobility characterized by urban and extraurban

burdensome routes, such the ones of the Perugia Municipality. The technologies

developed during the project may be easily transferred to other European realities with similar

orographic features of the territory. This is often the case of historic city centers.

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